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DeRegistration Proxy Binding Update (DeRegPBU) and DeRegistration Proxy Binding Acknowledgement (DeRegPBA)) are exchanged in between FCMR and FLMA to inform FLMA by FCMR about the handoff detachment of MR from PI 1 to PI 2.
Total binding update signaling cost with the random walk mobility model [15]:
Also, because the MAG network element performs the network signaling on behalf of the MN, PMIPv6 reduces the binding update delay by reducing the round trip time, thus reducing handover latency.
Este periodo de interrupcion del servicio se presenta usualmente debido al tiempo requerido por el nodo movil en actualizar su HA usando binding updates despues de que se mueve entre ARs.
After the MN's having detected it is at a new network, and its having obtained the new care-of address, it must send a Binding Update to the HA to update the primary care-of address.
The MR then updates its HA with its mobile network prefix and CoA which is called Prefix Scope Binding Update (PSBU).
For simplicity, we assume that the binding update cost is proportional to the distance in terms of the number of hops between the source and destination mobility entities such as MR, MN-HA, AR(MAG), MR-HA(LMA).
The fast IP connectivity enables the MN to perform binding update using the tentative CoA i.
Delegated Binding Update (DBU), a BU message sent by the MN Proxy to the HA
The MAG detects an MN's movement and performs a location binding update to the LMA.
The proposed method only requires few modifications on MAP functionality and slight change in binding update (BU) message formats.
Keywords: Network Mobility (NEMO), Binding Update (BU), Prefix Delegation (PD), Improved PD (IPD), Multicasting