BioITBioinformation Technology
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Agilent Technologies today announced that it has joined the BioIT Alliance, a cross-industry group working to improve biomedical information technology on the Microsoft platform.
Agilent's involvement in the BioIT Alliance will further strengthen our commitment to enable biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to effectively integrate data and insights from multiple disciplines and measurement platforms," said Nick Roelofs, vice president and general manager of life sciences, Agilent Technologies.
Additional information about the BioIT Alliance can be found on the BioIT Alliance Web site at www.
The BioIT Alliance's focus is developing standards for translational medicine to drive efficiencies between medicine and research using standards in information technology.
The BioIT Alliance Conference will allow organizations to show what they are doing in translational science and also provide a mechanism to prove out the value of standards," said Les Jordan, BioIT Alliance President.
The BioIT Alliance is developing standards enabling the seamless movement of information between clinical and research environments to drive translational medicine.
TranSenda today announced it will participate in the BioIT Alliance BioMarker project.
By taking an active role in creating viable customer solutions, TranSenda and the BioIT Alliance say they are attempting to "accelerate progress toward personalized medicine.
HANOVER, Germany -- At the BioIT World Europe Conference, Illumina, Inc.
The BIO Exhibition at the International Convention will feature new Product Focus Zones, including BioIT, BioFuels, Business Services and Emerging Technologies.
Strand Forms Partnership with Microsoft BioIT Alliance II-56