BioQUESTQuality Undergraduate Educational Simulations and Tools in Biology
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26 September 2016 - US-based executive search firm Diversified Search has acquired US-based healthcare and life sciences executive search specialist BioQuest, the firm said on Monday.
There have been some clear leaders like BioQuest Solutions operating and servicing the top 25 pharmaceutical companies in United States, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and China, but the opportunities are tremendous for geometric growth in years to come.
Features: patented BioQuest sensor; electrolytic cell produces bromine; designed to simplify spa maintenance for spa owners
Sponsor workshops on Bioinformatics, Interactive Cases and Technology for our faculty and faculty from other Atlanta institutions in collaboration with the BioQUEST, ChemQUEST, and the Boston University Center for Computational Science
In the second semester general biology laboratory course at USM, a new program developed by BioQUEST was implemented in order to reinforce the processes of science.
executive search firm, Diversified Search, has taken over San Francisco-based recruiting boutique expert, BioQuest, that serves healthcare innovators in the life sciences market.
First, I was invited by Ethel Stanley of Beloit College (a "real" botanist) to do a joint presentation on Seeing Plants: Visualization in Plant Biology at a BioQUEST educational symposium (http://bioquest.
The guy who founded BioQuest heard me speak at an industry function and he asked me to help them introduce their product," Field recalled.
Stanley, Investigative Cases and Case-Based Learning in Biology: BioQuest Library VI, Academic Press, 2002.
Yagoda Shagam, an award-winning freelance medical and science writer, has written numerous professional articles, peer-reviewed research articles, case studies for BioQuest and the American Society for Microbiology and has given presentations to various clinical, community, national and international professional organizations.
I've cited the BioQUEST Web site a number of times, but it remains a wonderful resource for biologists (http://bioquest.