BioRNBiotech-Cluster Rhein Neckar (Germany)
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Speaking about Biocair's recent incorporation to BioRN, Giuseppe Tricarico, Business Development Director at Biocair GmbH, comments that "The Rhine/Main/Neckar region has become one of the most dynamic centres of the biotechnology industry in Europe and has a very high concentration of innovative companies right next to university institutes, hospitals and research institutions.
For estimation purpose, we use seemingly unrelated regression method with random effects in the context of panel data as suggested by Biorn (2004).
The BioRN Network in Heidelberg represents the Biotech Cluster Rhine-Neckar (BioRN).
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research launched the competition in 2007 and the BioRN Cluster became the Leading-Edge Cluster for EeeCell-Based and Molecular MedicineEeA1/2.
"Hyderabad has been one of our favourite destinations in our expansion plans for quite sometime and I am glad we were able to link Hyderabad, the emerging IT and bio-tech hub with business friendly Bahrain," said Gulf Air chief executive Biorn Naf on the eve of the launch.
There is no established consensus on how to accurately measure the outputs of hospital production (Biorn & Magnussen 2002).
We thank Harry Hull, Joanne Bartkus, John Besser, Stephanie Borchardt, Karen Hilts, Billie Juni, Summer Martins, Jennifer Sweeney, Jessica West, Scott Fridkin, Jeff Hageman, Patricia Ackerman, Jeanne Anderson, Dorothy Berg, Jeanette Biorn, Becky Carlson, Charles Cartwright, John Cota, Kathy Gray, Ann Endy, Charleen Hansen, Ron Jadwin, Jackie Koranda, Barbara Kotts, Richard Lally, Karen Margolis, Michael Olesen, Lucille Owen, Sally Petrowski, Barbara Piasecki, Joni Sherin, Kathleen Steinmann, Mary Thompson, Dean Tsukyama, Lianne Walker, Cindi Welch, Deb Westerberg, and Ann Zierden for contributing to this research and helping prepare this article.
K&F has hired Paul Biorn as digital technical service representative.