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BTPcBreakthrough Pain in Cancer (oncology)
BTPcBinary Tree Predictive Coding (compression scheme)
BTPcBanyan Tree Private Collection
BTPcBioTrade Principles and Criteria (UN Conference on Trade and Development)
BTPcBethany Trinity Presbyterian (Singapore)
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It combines conservation of native biodiversity in biodiversity-rich countries on the one hand with their sustainable use for international trade on the other, based on the BioTrade Principles and Criteria defined jointly by UNCTAD and by partners and practitioners at the national level.
In post-conflict Aceh, Indonesia, a joint initiative between three United Nations (UN) agencies (the UN Development Programme (UNDP), the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and UNCTAD, the UN Conference on Trade and Development) together with the district government of Aceh Selatan, is helping to revive economic activity by working with the value chains of culturally significant products and taking into consideration BioTrade principles and criteria.
In line with the BioTrade principles and criteria, the Nutmeg Forum Aceh has been established to help increase nutmeg productivity and strengthen market demand.