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BIODATABiographic Data
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A survey was conducted of 15,450 applicants for a variety of health care jobs at two hospitals and found that there was a positive correlation between organizational commitment, performance and retention over an 18-month study period following the use of the pre-employment biodata instrument.
Under this system, an estate agent has been bound to register the tenants and give their biodata to police.
Pesticides can affect the soil biodata directly or indirectly.
The data comprised of biodata and clinical records of patients attending the hospital for medical checks up.
The proforma comprised of biodata, socioeconomic status, age at the time of marriage, smoking, parity, and history of genital warts/ulcer for wife and husband, history of postcoital bleeding and contraception.
The extremely useful appendix, "Profiles and Biodata," includes informative comments on individuals important to the development of the performing arts in Jamaica but many of whose work could not be treated in depth.
We have prepared a complete biodata, in which police can trace a vehicle through 19 different techniques, if a policeman stops a car and dial its number he will be able to access all the data.
Each has different biodata, and each can invite whoever they want to collaborate, and NIH can see it all," Bunin explains.
Socio-demographic characteristics of study patients OM group Biodata (N=50) Age (years), mean ([+ or -]SD) 26.
Legend of Acronyms used in the biodata, showing the diverse affiliations of the authors
When will they realise that the notion that you can find a good match for your progeny by considering candidates' biodata and their caste and religion is deeply flawed?
kept by the formidable matchmaker--and biodata queen-Smitaben Patel of Edison, NJ.