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BAFSBusiness, Accounting and Financial Studies (Hong Kong)
BAFSBangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited (Thailand)
BAFSBritish Ahwazi Friendship Society (British-Iranian human rights group; UK)
BAFSBachelor of Actuarial and Financial Studies (various universities)
BAFSBiologically Active Food Supplement (nutrition)
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Myth 1 You can eat whatever you want, because a biologically active food supplement will deliver all the necessary elements to your organism.
In this case biologically active food supplements (BAFS) are concentrates of the natural substances, which are allocated from animal (including sea), mineral, vegetative fibers.
Biologically active food supplements are used for the following purposes:
Biologically active food supplements will take effect only in addition to normal food.
All of us want to believe that biologically active food supplements are generated only from natural ingredients.
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