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BIONICLEBiological Chronicle (Lego)
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To be in with a chance of owning this DVD simply send a postcard to Bionicle Giveaway, Evening Chronicle, c/o Jennifer Bradbury, Features Department, Groat Market, Newcastle, NE1 1ED.
Five new Matoran and six Phantoka -- the spirits of the air -- are available now, to be followed in August by six Mistika -- spirits of the mist -- as well as three larger figures and, for the first-time ever, three BIONICLE vehicles.
With EXO-FORCE, we successfully created another story-driven, homegrown LEGO property for boys without cannibalizing our BIONICLE or licensed line sales," continued Laursen.
LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One - Q1 2016 The LEGO Group will premiere the Netflix original series, LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One, based on its popular LEGO Bionicle franchise and line of buildable action figures.
The Stars Collectors' Series features six of the most popular (three good guys, three bad boys) BIONICLE figures of all time.
LEGO'S Star Wars characters have experienced a great degree of success in recent years, so how will this hi-tech bric-a-brac - the Bionicle Heroes - fare?
The company has also said it plans to release 19 new products in 2007 ( compared with nine in 2006 ( with Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary and Lego Bionicle in the pipeline.
SCi has 19 new product launches planned for 2007 including Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary, Lego Bionicle and Reservoir Dogs.
The two companies have previously collaborated to produce a series of books based on LEGO's BIONICLE range of toys.
In Europe, powered toothbrushes for kids featuring Lego Bionicle also faired well as did new Palmolive Aromatherapy, Palmolive Thermal and Palmolive Thermal Spa shower gels and Soupline Hearts fabric conditioner tablets.
If you've experienced the Mad Tea Party at Disneyland, you'll have an idea of what you're in for riding the Bionicle Blaster.
After its release in the summer of 2001, BIONICLE quickly became one of the top-selling toys of the year and received two "Toy of the Year" awards by the American Toy Industry Association.