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Concise Analysis of the Bioseparation Systems for Global Biopharmaceutical Markets' cites that the global market for bioseparations for biopharmaceutical manufacturing will grow to $6 billion by 2018.
Sixteen chapters cover subjects such as bioseparations using hollow fibres, extraction techniques, bioseparations with supercritical fluids, scale-up techniques, precipitation of biomolecules, foam-based separation of proteins, eletrophoresis, affinity chromotography, membrane separation, microfiltration in the drying process industry, whey protein isolation and fractionation using ion exchangers, separation processes in flavour manufacture, separation and purification processes for the recovery of industrial enzymes, and finally novel processes for the recovery of high-purity glucose isomerases.
1: Global Bioseparation Market for Membranes and Filters by Region, 2012 117 Figure 13.
He is Co-Editor of the Encyclopedia of Bioprocess Technology: Fermentation, Biocatalysis and Bioseparation.
G2-S QTof Mass Spectrometer, Waters' application-tested bioseparation column chemistries, and analytical glycan standards used for system familiarization training, GU-retention time calibration and routine glycan system function checks.
The standard detector and the 600-bar power range combine to provide the lowest detection limits and highest resolution per time for any bio-inert LC-based bioseparation system, from low-pressure methods up through small-particle, high-pressure column technology.
21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Purolite announced today that it will develop bioseparation resins for chromatography based on agarose media that will be manufactured in their cGMP, FDA regulated facility.
With its focus on process development and large-scale bioseparation tasks, this is tailor-made reading for the professional bioengineer in both the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.
Biologics and Biosimilars World Markets and Bioseparation Systems for Global Biopharmaceutical Markets are new industry research reports by TriMark Publications, LLC available through RnRMarketResearch.
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Bioseparation Systems for Global Biopharmaceutical Markets http://www.
These are highly reliable, convenient, and cost-effective alternatives to more traditional bioseparation methods.
Notes 2008 Order for DNA/RNA Bioseparation Application