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BSVBanana Streak Virus
BSVBASIC Bsave Graphics (File Name Extension)
BSVBinocular Single Vision
BSVBeach Support Vehicle
BSVBlue Sky Ventures (Olympic Valley, CA)
BSVBest State Vector
BSVBois Service Valorisation (French: Wood Recovery Service)
BSVBourse Solidarité Vacances (French: Solidarity Vacations Fellowship)
BSVBulletin de Santé du Végétal (French: Plant Health Bulletin)
BSVBundesamt für Sozialversicherungen (German: Federal Social Insurance Office; Switzerland)
BSVBiscuiterie de Sainte Victoire (French: Victory for Holy Biscuits)
BSVBilan Santé Vitton (French corporate health specialist)
BSVBlindage Sécurité Vaugirard (French locksmith)
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More information on Luminex's biosurveillance products can be found at www.
The incident, which resulted in a 3-month shutdown of the building, (16) may partially explain Senator Lugar's commitment to the expansion of biosafety, biosecurity, and biosurveillance efforts in Africa through the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Act.
DHS has also started to coordinate biosurveillance efforts with other agencies, but DHS has not yet formalized some key agreements to fulfill NBIC's integration mission.
A wide range of biosurveillance activities is underway at the federal, state, and local levels, and in the private sector, Dr.
The data and experience gained from >20 years' of automated biosurveillance will provide valuable empirical underpinning for such improvements.
It includes the delivery of animal health programs, food protection, biosurveillance, research, and the development of new methods to positively affect our beneficiaries' lives.
Despite the onset of the information age, where a doctor in Asia could theoretically inform a centralized information clearinghouse on the other side of the world of a new virus within seconds, realizing this dream is years away, experts at a recent National Defense Industrial Association Biosurveillance conference said.
By September 29, the Health Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) will produce detailed instructions on the implementation of 92 standards for EHR interoperability, PHR (personal health record) development and biosurveillance.
DHS is also pursuing two major public health IT initiatives--the National Biosurveillance Integration System and the Biological Warning and Incident Characterization System (BWICS).
Finally, there must be a recognition that the benefits of syndromic surveillance fall not only in infectious disease monitoring and biosurveillance but also in other areas, some potentially not yet realized.
Specifically, the team is working to develop chemical and biological building-protection measures, biodecontamination techniques and protocols, subway biosurveillance technologies, emergency-response-management software, and biocasualty projection methods to assist civilian emergency managers in assessing the consequences of a bioterrorist attack.
The facility enhances the existing biosurveillance system to detect and respond to bioterrorism and potential pandemics.