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BSVBundesamt für Sozialversicherungen (German: Federal Social Insurance Office; Switzerland)
BSVBulletin de Santé du Végétal (French: Plant Health Bulletin)
BSVBilim Ve Sanat Vakfi (Turkish: Science and Art Foundation)
BSVBrownsville (Greyhound bus lines; Brownsville, TX)
BSVBasic Graphics File
BSVBetween Subject Variability
BSVBourse Solidarité Vacances (French: Solidarity Vacations Fellowship)
BSVBanana Streak Virus
BSVBalancing Segment Value (finance)
BSVBilan Santé Vitton (French corporate health specialist)
BSVBASIC Bsave Graphics (File Name Extension)
BSVBois Service Valorisation (French: Wood Recovery Service)
BSVBlindage Sécurité Vaugirard (French locksmith)
BSVBayerischer Softair Verein (German: Bavarian Airsoft Association)
BSVBinocular Single Vision
BSVBiscuiterie de Sainte Victoire (French: Victory for Holy Biscuits)
BSVBall Segment Valve
BSVBeach Support Vehicle
BSVBlue Sky Ventures (Olympic Valley, CA)
BSVBest State Vector
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* Promote the establishment of electronic surveillance systems that support comprehensive emerging infectious disease surveillance and/or syndromic-based surveillance systems such as the Suite for Automated Global Electronic bioSurveillance.
The findings of this research will be presented to CSU, CDC and DITRA to provide biosurveillance training to Ugandan partners and support bat biology and ecology research in Uganda.
Introduction to Statistical Methods for Biosurveillance With an Emphasis on Syndromic Surveillance.
Cerceris fumipennis is active during much of the emerald ash borer adult flight period and occurs from eastern Canada west to the Rocky Mountain Region and south to Texas and Florida (Scullen & Wold 1969), overlapping with the distribution of many common ash species and making it an ideal candidate for "biosurveillance" of the emerald ash borer.
Michiana hopes to develop insight on broad regional public health issues like infant mortality and biosurveillance. HMT
The application of information technologies to evaluate the 'public health' of satellites mirrors the practice of biosurveillance that monitors the risks of epidemics among living biota and in this sense, their logistics can be seen as a strategy of preventive biodefense.
The memo also cites antimicrobial resistance, which received special focus in last year's budget submission; biosurveillance; and mental health access.
UMR-102 (INERIS-Universite Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Universite du Havre) SEBIO Stress environnementaux et Biosurveillance des milieux aquatiques, Universite de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Campus Moulin de la Housse, BP 1039 Reims Cedex 2, France
Using biosurveiLLance as a search term, OpenDOAR returns approximately 47,400 hits from repositories worldwide.
Participatory medicine: A home score for streptococcal pharyngitis enabled by real-time biosurveillance. A cohort study.
The effects of local individuals ensnarled in worldwide tissue economies as a consequence of biosurveillance and searching are modifications of the character of citizenship (in the situation of individuals, biosurveillance in the worldwide tissue economy generates novel types of biological citizenship).