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BIOTBritish Indian Ocean Territory
BIOTBiological Science Technician
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His mouth was wide open, and from it there escaped a cry which no one heard, not that it was covered by the general clamor, great as that was but because it attained, no doubt, the limit of perceptible sharp sounds, the thousand vibrations of Sauveur, or the eight thousand of Biot.
The ingenuity of the BIOT anthropomorphic design begins with dip anatomy research, and the development of new, innovative types of mechanical joints.
For homogeneous isotropic linear elastic porous media, the Biot model in an open domain [OMEGA] [subset] [R.sup.d], d = 2,3, comprises the following system of partial differential equations (PDEs):
Song and Renner [4] and Fabricius [5] studied Fontainebleau sandstone and showed that rock Biot's coefficient varies with the change in rock porosity.
When total testosterone concentration is borderline and/or when variations in SHBG concentrations are expected, serum FT (non-SHBG--non--albumin-bound testosterone) and nonspecifically bound bioT (free + albumin-bound testosterone) reflect the clinical situation more accurately.
"In the Mangok, Mathiang, Malou and Biot fighting, the gallant SPLA-IO [South Sudan armed opposition] forces of Division Five (5) under the command of Cdr Major General Khor Chuol Giet and Deputy Sector Four (4) Commander Major General Peter Lim Bol resisted and repulsed the Juba regime aggression from the Guelguk direction back to their Malou temporary trenches, where their remnants are now being contained," Gatjiath said in a statement.
The BIOT is one of the world's largest marine protected areas, covering an area the size of France and containing some of the world's best coral reefs.
Three people were killed as water burst into their retirement home in Biot, while others died in their cars.
People were found dead in the towns of Cannes, Biot, Golfe-Juan and Mandelieu-la-Napoule in the south-east, the president's office said.
Biot Number (Bi) = (Heat-transfer coefficient x half the thickness)/thermal conductivity
The BioCision BioT Temperature Stability Systems are mobile temperature management products that support transport and handling of temperature-sensitive biomaterials.
BioCision, LLC has deployed the BioT Temperature Stability Systems, a new portfolio of mobile temperature management products that support transport and handling of temperature-sensitive biomaterials.