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BIJTBipolar Junction Transistor
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It explains the analog world and semiconductors, semiconductor diodes and their applications, bipolar junction transistors, field-effect transistors, and operational amplifiers and their applications.
Jagtiani, "Comparison between Field Effect Transistors and Bipolar Junction Transistors as Transducers in Electrochemical Sensors," Scientific Reports, vol.
However, all of them require big-area diodes or parasitic bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) with turn-on voltage as high as 0.6 V at room temperature.
Electronic circuits, employing bipolar junction transistors biased into the avalanche breakdown region are known for many years [1], [2].
This design consists of two bipolar junction transistors Q1 (BFG35) and Q2 (BFG31), a wideband linear power amplifier transistor Q3, and energy storage capacitors.
PanJit is currently Taiwan's No.1 supplier of small signal devices including small signal bipolar junction transistors, small signal schottky diodes, small signal switching diodes, small signal field effect transistors, and small signal MOSFETs, capable of putting out one billion units a year with factories in Taiwan and mainland China.
Karris covers basic electronic concepts and signals, semiconductor electronics, diodes, bipolar junction transistors, field effect transistors and PNPN devices, operational amplifiers, integrated circuits, pulse circuits and waveforms generators, frequency characteristics of single-stage and cascaded amplifiers, tuned amplifiers, sinusoidal oscillators, compensated attenuators, and more.
Devices covered in the text include varactors, Schottky diodes and Schottky diode frequency multipliers, transit-time devices, bipolar junction transistors, heterostructure bipolar transistors, metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors, metal semiconductor field-effect transistors and high electron mobility transistors.
Among his topics are material properties, ideal specific on-resistance, junction field effect transistors, silicon carbide planar power metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistors, silicon carbide bipolar junction transistors, and silicon carbide gate turn-off thyristors.