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A lower percentage of PTW (5 wt%) in case of bismaleimide resin [33] has shown comparatively lower wear rate of 1.03 x [10.sup.-6] [mm.sup.3]/Nm when tested on pin-on-disc at different sliding conditions (196 N, 0.24 m/s, and 120 min).
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Substantial improvements have also been reported for a carbon fiber composite system based on a polysulfone-modified bismaleimide resin (17).
Modification of Bismaleimide Resins With Allyl-Terminated Hyperbranched PAEK
He covers unsaturated polyester resins, poly(urethane)s, epoxy resins, phenol/formaldehyde resins, urea/formaldehyde resins, melamine resins, furan resins, silicones, acrylic resins, cyanate ester resins, bismaleimide resins, terpene resins, cyanoacrylates, benzocyclobutene resins, reactive extrusion, compatibilization, rheological control, grafting, acrylic dental fillers, and toners.