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BISYNCBinary Synchronous Communication
BISYNCBinary Synchronous Communications
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lt; and configured, there were problems related to timing issues and to the mapping of bisync to/from SNA.
For IBM Bisync applications, the firm provides an integral protocol converter, called Bluegate, that fits in a single card slot in the DCX 850 frame.
The NMS loads and controls the performance monitor, which automatically adapts to various protocols, including Univac and IBM 3270 Bisync and SDLC.
In addition, it supports integral gateways to IBM SNA and bisync networks.
Protocols can be downloaded to the sensors, enabling the users to easily migrate, for example, from bisync to SDLC, or to move sensors from one line to another.
As part of its WSN strategy, Wang has also introduced a "pathway" between its VS systems and an IBM or IBM plug-competible host over an IBM 3270 SNA or bisync network.
A variety of protocols (async, bisync, SDLC, HDLC, 8A1, 83B3, X.