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More than 120 international speakers, business executives, academics, and technical experts (including Garrick Hileman --, Eva Kaili -- MEP, Llew Claasen -- Bitcoin Foundation, Susanne Tarkowski -- Bitnation, Spiros Margaris -- Fintech expert, Roger Ver --, Jameson Lopp -- Casa) shared their insights, expertise and ideas concerning the up-coming blockchain revolution and cryptocurrencies.
Some cryptocurrency users, such as the citizens of ( Bitnation and members of ( Estonia's token-friendly e-residency program, imagine blockchain technology could create a variety of global citizenships.
Cryptography communities like ( Bitnation are also issuing ( self-sovereign blockchain identities for refugees, helping undocumented people securely verify who they are.
This Nordic use case illustrates the pragmatic potential of international blockchain identities, such as those already offered by ( Bitnation , a blockchain-powered government platform with more than 5,3000 citizens worldwide.
The virtual community( Bitnation  planned its own summer ICO to bolster the idea of sovereign, global governance and virtual citizenship. "Seeing this digital revolution up close has made me question whether the state as we know it today is fit for the 21st century," ( Kaljulaid wrote on Facebook.
What Finman wants to do for tech products and entertainment, his fellow cryptocurrency evangelists at ( Bitnation want to do on a more political scale.
( The Guardian reported Bitnation organizers are part of a generation of crypto-anarchists who believe virtual governments could replace nation states by offering decentralized public services and globalized identities.
"Bitnation allows any person in the world to become a self-sovereign 'World Citizen' on the blockchain cheaply, quickly and securely, with the Bitnation World Citizenship ID," Lane told IBT.
It takes Bitnation one step closer to sovereignty by paving the way for legal transactions and business regulations beyond traditional nation states.