BIVBusiness in Vancouver (newspaper; Canada)
BIVBeroepsinstituut van Vastgoedmakelaars (Dutch: Professional Institute of Real Estate; Belgium)
BIVBelasting op de Inverkeerstelling (Belgian tax)
BIVBest in Variety
BIVBovine Immunodeficiency Virus
BIVBuilt-in Variable (plumbing)
BIVBusiness Internet Voix (French internet provider)
BIVBelgian Institute of Victimology (Belgium)
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The underdetermination-based route to skepticism turns on the requirement that, in order to have everyday knowledge, we must have better rational grounds for our everyday beliefs than we have for the skeptical alternative--paradigmatically, for perceptual beliefs (yonder is my computer) than had skeptical alternatives (such as that I am a BIV who is being given input indicating that yonder is my computer).
Fun fact: Bell Biv DeVoe were the US trio who split from New Edition in the early 90s.
New findings from the trial showed a marked reduction in heart failure-related symptoms for patients with AV block and LV systolic dysfunction at six, 12, 18 and 24 months treated with BiV pacing as opposed to conventional RV pacing.
Olivia Simpson's mosaic Roy G Biv design draws inspiration in part from Taro Chiezo's original Superlambanana artwork but also from the colourful, sculptural works of Niki de Saint Phalle whose first ever UK exhibition was held at Tate Liverpool.
Whether it's Deicide or Bell Biv DeVoe, the tunes in this dude's head prompted a fat frontal air
Novartis AG (Basel, Switzerland) has patented BIV constructs encompassing BIV combination vectors, BIV vectors and BIV packaging vectors and particularly the invention pertains to a three vector system comprising: a) a BIV vector construct including a DNA segment from a BIV genome, a packaging sequence to package RNA into virions; a promoter operably linked to the DNA segment; and a transgene operably linked to a second promoter; b) a BIV packaging vector construct comprising a BIV DNA sequence fragment comprising at least a gag gene or pol gene of BIV; a promoter operably linked to the BIV DNA fragment; and a polyadenylation sequence located downstream of the BIV DNA fragment; and c) an expression vector construct comprising a gene encoding a viral surface protein.
The Rugrat author uses the name Roy G Biv and is known to have been responsible for several other proof-of-concept viruses.
Roy G Biv, perhaps named for the colors-of-the-rainbow mnemonic, has malware credits going back 11 years.
Harrell will oversee all aspects of Motown's music operations, including A&R, creative development, marketing, publishing, sales and promotion for the company's Motown, MoJazz, Tabu, Mad Sounds and Biv Ten labels.
Most recently it bought Dusseldorf-based IT support services company, BIV to build on its presence in the German market.