BJHBarnes-Jewish Hospital (St. Louis, MO)
BJHBarclay James Harvest (English pop group)
BJHBritish Journal of Haematology (UK)
BJHBethel Junior High
BJHBopp-Jancso-Heinzinger (potential function)
BJHBall Junior High (Anaheim, CA)
BJHBrookhurst Junior High (Anaheim, CA)
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With The BJH Group, Himelstein serves as a marketing, hospitality industry and luxury brand consultant to help growing and established businesses achieve new levels of success.
Industrial Non-Profit Emerging Developer GMDC will provide affordable and accessible industrial space, and Emerging Developer BJH will support additional linkages to the industrial and scientific/ technology based commercial sectors.
In contrast, BJH desorption pore distributions for AgHAp, AgHApC1, and AgHApC2 samples are exhibited in Fig.
From the desorption branch of isotherm as shown in the inset of Figure 3(a), the pore distribution plot of the synthesized materials was determined by the BJH (Barrett-Joyner-Halenda) method.
These individuals were included, since a positive cTnI would likely have resulted in further testing or admission to BJH.
En la figura 3 se muestran las curvas de la distribucion del tamano de poro en funcion del diametro de poro mediante el metodo BJH.
Prior to joining AmorePacific, he consulted for several beauty companies through his own consulting firm, BJH Consulting.
The goods included a black 32in Toshiba flat screen TV, a silver HP laptop, a graphite Asus laptop in a black case and a white Apple Mac laptop, a long black coat from Oasis, a long red coat, a black Babyliss hairdryer and a gold necklace with the initials BJH.
In recent years John Lees and Les Holroyd, the other two musicians who founded the band in the fabled Summer Of Love, have been touring their own versions of BJH.
The results graph of the analysis above, if calculated using the BET method (Brunauer Emmett Teller) for image graph (a) and BJH method (Barrett Joyner and Halenda) for drawing graphs (b) it will produce specific area, pore volume and pore radius 2B and 6B on the electrode as in table 2