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BJTBipolar Junction Transistor
BJTBusiness Japanese Proficiency Test
BJTBusiness Jet Traveler (publication)
BJTBlue Jean Teddy
BJTBay Junction Technology (San Jose, CA)
BJTBrandon-Jonathan Teresi (foundation eponym)
BJTBehineh Jouyan Tehran (Iranian computer company; est. 1984)
BJTBilateral Juxtafoveal Telangiectasis
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In summary, the thermodynamic variables simulated with the two nonlocal PBL parametrizations are divergent before 1700 BJT, and Shin-Hong considering scale-aware is close to WRF-LES simulation in agreement with the observation.
BJT: We are investing between 5-8% of our turn over in R&D, which we split between investments on the development of new products and adding new industrial capabilities.
El diseno de una interfaz usuario-maquina se baso en el desarrollo de circuitos electronicos de amplificacion, potencia y adquisicion (amplificador de tension, transistores de BJT de potencia y tacometro, respectivamente), bajo los cuales todas las senales puedan ser interpretadas de forma efectiva por el computador sin ocasionar danos a los equipos.
Because of the BiCMOS process employed, the log amplifier can easily be constructed using BJT transistors.
Bodhisatto aparantapam akasi, aflnain sattharam uddisi (BJT; PTS addisi) ti?
Saturday at the BJT Parking area, at the corner of Banahaw and Zambales Streets, Barangay (village) San Martin de Porres, in Cubao.
For example, BJT characterization experiment generates x-y (V-I) dataset which needs to be plotted for interpretation, (b) Continuous: some experiments may keep generating data and the server stores them.
La aparicion de los modernos dispositivos electronicos semiconductores de potencia como los BJT, los MOSFET y los IGBT esta permitiendo aumentar la frecuencia de funcionamiento, la reduccion de costos de los sistemas de CPI y por consiguiente, su introduccion en el mercado de consumo de cocinas.
This implies that the parasitic BJT turns on more efficiently for the SGTNMOS cases than the GGNMOS.
To conclude this walkthrough of CNT NEMS operation within electronic circuits, let us finally assess the ability of standard electronic devices, such as bipolar junction (BJT) or field effect (FET) transistors, to sense and amplify the currents reported in Table 1.
Brian Joseph and Jane Doe Trudeau fka BJT Holding Inc., $5,591.02 in unpaid Department of Labor & Industries taxes.