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The survey in BJU International didn't just find that a lot of new doctors are proficient with social media--it also finds reason to be worried about this influx of plugged-in physicians.
BJU attempted to skirt IRS regulations, first by admitting a black student part-time and then by announcing it only rejected unmarried black applicants (a stipulation it didn't enforce for white applicants).
Chapter 2 explores the history of BJU as it is presented in its museums and galleries.
The BJU case was the first of a broad pattern of disappointments experienced by the Christian Right in the 1980s, which led it to conclude that it had no choice but to change its political strategies toward a more grassroots-style politics.
Officials estimate that 10 percent of the 5,000 BJU students are minorities; 5 percent of all students are black.
What is striking about the BJU Creed is that it is written in Hypertext Mark-Up Language.
Generally eschewing what fundamentalists call worldly attractions, BJU promotes Shakespearian theater and is home to a nationally renowned museum of art.
Numerous organizations, including the EAU and AUA, and journals like BJU International, have created guidelines for physicians' online behaviour.
The BJU International study also found that while such surgeries are more expensive than traditional surgeries, their costs are decreasing over time.
The study appears in a recent edition of BJU International.
Data published in BJU International revealed that small levels of activity in a man's 50s could even offer protection from the disease.