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BLAABiblioteca Luis Angel Arango (Bogota, Colombia)
BLAABis-Lactobionic Acid Amide (pharmacology)
BLAABritish Llama and Alpaca Association (Warwickshire, West Midlands, England, UK)
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Estas ediciones pueden consultarse en: BLAA, Sala de Libros Raros y Manuscritos, Coleccion Miscelanea.
Contribution of BlaA and BlaB beta-lactamases to antibiotic susceptibility of Yersinia enterocolitica biovar 1B.
21) Defensa de un hombre de bien (Bogota: Imprenta Imparcial de Cartagena, 1853), BLAA, SLRM, Miscelanea 1440, pieza 3.
7) BLAA, Gaceta de Bolivar, Cartagena, marzo 8, agosto 9 y octubre 11 de 1863, respectivamente.
En efecto, tanto en la antigua Colcultura como en la BLAA figure y figuro como compositor colombiano, a mucho honor.
Celler, speaking on the House floor, satirized indirect advertising: "This is BLAA station of the Giant Peanut Co.
Other BLAA officers include Vice President Karen McGill of Rachlin, Cohen & Holtz; Secretary Mattie Garcia of Julianne R.
I'm also told a visit to the city is not complete without tasting the blaa - a bun-like piece of bread unique to the city.
Alskade blaa oga is centered on two figures previously known in fictive form: Mitra's mother, now her real aged self, Elsa Bjorklund; and the author, middle-aged.
The highest quality product on the market is Blaa Coop, which is 100% washed coffee and is available both in pouches of 250 gms and in 500 gm hard vac pack.