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BCCVBarcode Conical Collimator Verification (radiation therapy)
BCCVBlack Creek Canal Virus
BCCVBorder Collie Club of Victoria (Australia)
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(8,12,13) Ravkov and co-investigators emphasized that the combination of the genetically diverse genome of the Black Creek Canal virus, the high seroprevalence of subclinical chronic infection in cotton rats, and the vast distribution range of the cotton rat in the Americas compared to the limited ranges of the deer mouse and the rice rat could pose a significant public health threat throughout the Americas (Figure 4).
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in Florida: association with the newly identified Black Creek Canal virus. Am J Med.
Isolation of Black Creek Canal virus, a new hantavirus from Sigmodon hispidus in Florida.
However, four other hantaviruses, Bayou virus, Black Creek Canal virus, New York virus, and Monongahela virus, each with a different rodent reservoir, have been characterized in the United States and associated with HPS (6,15-21).
Other HPS-associated viruses in this group include Black Creek Canal virus, associated with Sigmodon hispidus.
Investigations of HPS cases in the United States have resulted not only in studies of the deer mouse and SNV but also in the identification of three additional host-virus relationships that maintain hantaviruses responsible for human disease (New York virus carried by the white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus [Figure 1] [15]; Black Creek Canal virus carried by the cotton rat, Sigmodon hispidus [16]; and Bayou virus carried by the rice rat, Oryzomys palustris [17]).
That is, rodents infected with hantaviruses with which they appear to be closely associated coevolutionarily (e.g., deer mice and SNV, Western harvest mice and El Moro Canyon virus, rice rats [Oryzomys palustris] and Bayou virus, Black Creek Canal virus and cotton rats [Sigmodon hispidus]) do not appear ill or otherwise affected by hantaviruses specific to them.
glareolus (9,10), and Black Creek Canal virus in Sigmodon hispidus (11), show a similar pattern: infection is followed by a brief period of viremia and then by the development of antibody and clearing of virus from blood.