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BEVBattery Electric Vehicle
BEVBlacksburg Electronic Village
BEVBundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (Austria)
BEVBell ExpressVu (Canada)
BEVBird's Eye View
BEVBlack English Vernacular
BEVBeam's Eye View (radiation therapy imaging technique)
BEVBillion Electron Volts
BEVBase-Emitter Voltage (transistor)
BEVBusiness Enterprise Value
BEVBacterial Endotoxins Test
BEVBoot Entry Vector
BEVBio-Electronique Vincent (French: Bio-Electronic Vincent; internal environment analysis)
BEVBeersheba, Israel - Domestic Airport (airport code)
BEVBordeaux Evasion Voyages (French: Bordeaux Escape Travel; travel agency; France)
BEVBureau d'Etudes Techniques Véra (French: Vera Office of Technical Studies; engineering firm)
BEVBlack Entertainment Video (French video sharing website)
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Price (1993) examined the speech of four black students from poverty-stricken families who could readily shift from Black English Vernacular to Standard American English.
Though there were occasions in the interviews when the women used a form of Black English vernacular rather than the General American speech they more often used to respond to interview questions, I do not identify the switch as an exclusive code-switch to Black English.
The literature of the movement, generally written in black English vernacular and confrontational in tone, addressed such issues as interracial tension, sociopolitical awareness, and the relevance of African history and culture to blacks in the United States.