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An amazing pick for book clubs, reading discussion groups, or faith study groups, Jezebel Unhinged offers a fresh, exciting perspective on blackness, black female bodies, African American culture, and contemporary Christian teachings.
Her dissertation, titled "I Can Do More Things": How Black Female Student-Athletes Contend with Race, Gender, and Stereotypes, identified seven themes that characterize how stereotypes influence the college experiences of Black female student-athletes.
Currently, Black female students are not likely to graduate from high school with college credit (Smith-Evans & George, 2014).
Educators from the US offer eight essays that consider the experiences, recruitment, and retention of black female teachers and the need to diversify the US workforce with these teachers.
Analysis of CDC-funded program data on HIV testing services provided to black females and submitted by 61 state and local health departments during 2012-2014 revealed that the number of new HIV diagnoses among black females decreased 17% from 2,177 in 2012 to 1,806 in 2014.
For the black female and white female equations, we also include die teen birthrate as an explanatory variable.
In each novel, black female characters are strategically transgressive in their behavior, resisting the social pressure they face to conform to what Melancon refers to as the "classical black female script"--as defined by both dominant white society and black nationalist culture--that expected black women to fall in line with the racialized patriarchal systems of the era in order to protect the status of their communities.
silence shrouding expressions of Black female sexuality.
Furthermore, Black women are recognizably challenged if they reject passive behaviors with strong vocalizations of their skills or contradictions of the organizational practices that would diminish or assault their abilities to be promoted and are rewarded with banishment from the inner circle and labeled as the angry Black female.
Because the black female body is constructed as a "problem"--the problem--in the book, one might initially read the last line as "girly," but noting the location of the adverbial tag (LY) below "OPEN," one then "sees" a term for seduction (P/LY).
NABFEME is the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment[TM] a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the support and empowerment of women of color in recorded music, the media and related entertainment industry fields.
Scholars of education offer empirical studies identifying both successes and challenges faced by black female students accessing and matriculating through institutions of higher education, with special attention to those pursuing careers in the high-demand field of teacher education and in disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).