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BGDBangladesh (ISO Country code)
BGDBillion Gallons per Day (water flow measurement)
BGDBanque Gabonaise de Développement (French: Gabonese Development Bank; Libreville, Gabon)
BGDBlack Gangster Disciple (gangs)
BGDAir Bangladesh (ICAO code)
BGDBusiness Group Director (various organizations)
BGDBrassica Genome Database
BGDBureau de la Gestion de la Détention (French: Detention Management Office)
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Much of this was directed by leaders of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation, the city's largest and most violent organized street gang, which was attempting to gain control of the illicit drug trade in various parts of the city's South Side.
Composed of FBI and CPD personnel, as well as personnel from the Chicago Housing Authority Police Department, the Illinois State Police, and the Cook County Sheriff's Police, the Joint Task Force on Gangs targeted high-ranking members of the Black Gangster Disciples Nation for investigation and prosecution.
The following represent only a tiny fraction of the known street gangs: ABC (Acacia Block Crip); ADC (Atlantic Drive Crip); ECC (East Coast Crip); NHC (Neighborhood Crip); SBC (Santana Block Crip); DLB (Denver Lanes Blood); ESP (Elm Street Piru); FTP (Fruit Town Piru); WSP (West Side Piru); BGD (Black Gangster Disciple); GD (Gangster Disciple); VL (Vice Lord); CVL (Conservative Vice Lord); LK (Latin King); ALKQN (Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation); BGL (Bell Garden Loco); VN (Varrio Norwalk); WF (White Fence); OLB (Oriental Lazy Boyz); and TRG (Tiny Rascal Gang).
Top 10 Gangs in Florida Prisons, 2006-2008 Date 7/31/2006 7/31/2007 7/31/2008 Latin Kings 571 684 784 Gangster Disciples 233 252 337 Folk Nation 234 263 262 Crips 204 224 262 Black Gangster Disciples 175 201 238 White Supremist 195 209 196 Neta/Netas 137 198 204 Insane Gangster Disc 122 158 213 Bloods 120 139 195 SurXHI 74 100 144 Table 2.
Standard textbooks for training gang officers list the World Church alongside the Grips, Latin Kings, and Black Gangster Disciples. The World Church members I've met during my field research on policing seem far more concerned with consuming methamphetamine and stealing cars than with starting a racial holy war.
He took part in meetings of a leadership council representing the three main organized groups in L block: the Muslims, members of the Aryan Brotherhood (ABs), and the Black Gangster Disciples. On the afternoon and evening of Thursday, April 15, he negotiated the release of a hostage guard who was experiencing extreme emotional trauma, accompanied Officer Clark into the yard, and released him to the authorities.
But some dealers have expressed a related real-world concern: "OK, I identify the prospective buyer as a probable member of Latin Kings or Black Gangster Disciples. I refuse to make the sale.
However, the SSTF in Chicago was able to obtain Federal indictments on the Black Gangster Disciples leaders by using sophisticated intelligence and investigative techniques.
Riot leaders emerged from the ranks of the Aryan Brotherhood, the Black Gangster Disciples and a radical Muslim group.