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BLRBBlack Liquor Recovery Boiler (paper-manufacturing industry)
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Gaus is affiliated with the Unites States Power Squadron, (USPS) the Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Audit Committee (BLRBAC), PIMA, TAPPI, and the AIChE.
During his working career, Frank was an industry leader in promoting energy conservation and black liquor recovery boiler safety.
Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Advisory Committee (BLRBAC) April 15-17 Barbara Holich, +1 312 454-4890
The purpose of this book is to provide engineers with technical data on real materials and issues related to the problem of corrosion in waste-to-energy boilers and incinerators, coal-fired boilers, oil- fired boilers and furnaces, and black liquor recovery boilers. The book covers primarily engineering data, with brief discussion of thermodynamic aspects of corrosion reactions.
Recovery Boiler & Power Boiler Areas 0402-30 Inspection for Cracking of Composite Tubes in Black Liquor Recovery Boilers. 0402-31 Guidelines for Evaluating the Quality of Boiler Tube Butt Welds with Ultrasonic testing.
* TIP 0402-15 "Installation and repair of' pin studs in black liquor recovery boilers"