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John William Blind Boone's Chicago Itinerary," Black Music Research Journal.
Of the periodicals that RILM indexes, the titles containing numerous articles relating to hip-hop and rap include Popular Music and Popular Music and Society, while other scholarly publications such as Black Music Research Journal and the Journal of Popular Culture are shown in RILM to contain a handful of articles on these subjects.
Black Music Research Journal, see IIBP Full Text in this section.
As of 24 October 2002, the following is a list of journals that will appear in JSTOR's future collections: 19th Century Music, American Music, Black Music Research Journal, British Journal of Ethuomusicology, Journal of Musicology, Journal of the Royal Musical Association, Music & Letters, Musical Quarterly, Musical Times, and Music Theory Spectrum.
explains this reality, which continues to the present day: "Part of the reason that such mythological documentation and thought continue to surface in scholarly writings is that too few black intellectuals have been involved in black-music research for significant and persistent debunking to take place" ("On Black Music Research," Black Music Research Journal [1983]: 48; see also Richard Crawford, "On Two Traditions of Black Music Research," Black Music Research Journal [1986]: 1--9).
Floyd began editing the Black Music Research Journal (BMRJ) as an annual in 1980, three years before the establishment of the CBMR.
Published by the Center for Black Music Research (Floyd is its director), which also publishes Black Music Research Journal, Lenox Avenue comes out of the Center's Integrative Studies Program.