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BLPHBlack Phoebe (Sayornis nigricans, bird species)
BLPHbeta lipotropic Hormone
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The black phoebe is a particularly good model of a native specialist colonizing urban environments.
Physical and visual access to prey modifies patch selection and food search effort in a sit-and-wait predator, the black phoebe. Condor 111:150-158
We investigated characteristics of foraging habitat, foraging behavior, and vigilance (e.g., rates of movement of head) in juvenile and adult black phoebes (Sayornis nigricans).
Black phoebes have been increasing in abundance in urban environments in recent decades (Wolf, 1997).
Black phoebes have been highly successful in urban areas, due in part to expansion of suitable nesting locations provided by human-made structures (Wolf, 1997).
We did not band individuals, but territorial behavior of the black phoebes and our sampling procedure minimized the chances of pseudoreplication.
The black phoebe, for example, a flycatcher and year-round resident of Central and South America, used to be limited to California in North America, but has now moved into Oregon, Sowles said.
The black-crowned night heron (12 birds) was unusual for this area, as was the black phoebe. (three birds).
"When I decided I wanted a pond in the front," he says, "I went outside with a shovel and started digging." The water feature brings into the garden wildlife such as house finches, black phoebes, northern mockingbirds, bushtits, and tons of hummingbirds.
In the last decade, he's noticed an increase in species such as black phoebes and mockingbirds that are typically found farther to the south.
On the nearby Smittle Creek Trail, you might also spot ospreys, black phoebes, and green herons.
Braving brusque winds, sprinkling rain and a smattering of snow, about 200 birding enthusiasts fanned out Sunday for the Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count, tallying just how many black phoebes, widgeons and even crows call Eugene home for the holidays.