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BPMBusiness Process Management
BPMBusiness Process Modeling
BPMBeats Per Minute (heart or music)
BPMBusiness Performance Management
BPMBlood Pressure Monitor (various companies)
BPMBest Practice Methodology
BPMBest Practice Management (various organizations)
BPMBanca Popolare di Milano (Italian bank)
BPMBritish Prime Minister (UK)
BPMBlows Per Minute
BPMBlack Power Movement
BPMBusiness Process Monitor (Hewlett-Packard software)
BPMBeam Position Monitor
BPMBeam Positron Monitoring (imaging)
BPMBeats per Minute
BPMBackup Memory
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BPMBroadband Policy Manager
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BPMBusiness Performance Measurement
BPMBound Printed Matter (US Postal Service)
BPMBeam Propagation Method
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BPMBest Practice Model
BPMBattement par Minute (French: Beats per Minute)
BPMBest Practicable Means
BPMBlack Plastic Mulch
BPMBusiness Planning Meeting (various organizations)
BPMBrushless Permanent Magnet
BPMBalance of Payments Manual
BPMBatch Process Monitor
BPMBarrels Per Minute (flow rate of Oil producing wells)
BPMBasic Perinatal Matrices
BPMBiens Publics Mondiaux (French: Global Public Goods)
BPMBataafse Petroleum Maatschappij (Dutch)
BPMBasic Pleasure Model (band)
BPMBusiness Program Manager
BPMBuchstaben Pro Minute (German: letters per minute)
BPMBorel Probability Measure
BPMBubbles Per Minute
BPMBusiness Process Manual
BPMBirds Per Minute
BPMBirefringent Phase Matching
BPMBytes Per Minute
BPMBuenas Practicas Manufactureras (Guatemala)
BPMBureau de Poste Militaire (Canada Post)
BPMBenefit Policy Manual (Medicare; US DHHS)
BPMBlack Powder Music (France)
BPMBatch Processing Monitor
BPMBills Per Minute (billing software application performance measurement)
BPMBlack ProMist (camera filter)
BPMBiological Production Module
BPMBi-Phase Modulator
BPMBill Payment Machine
BPMBelasting van Personenautos en Motorrijwielen (Dutch automobile tax)
BPMBrigada Policía Militar (Guatemala)
BPMBattery Pack Monitor
BPMBonnes Pratiques Médicales (French: Good Medical Practices)
BPMBasic Parameters Module
BPMBuffer Pool Manager
BPMBackground Processing Management
BPMBathy-Photometer (oceanography)
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The treatment of black plastic mulch (BP) recorded the highest minimum soil temperature recorded at 7:30 hrs, in comparison with other treatments.
Black plastic mulch with small holes was stretched tightly on soil surface after 40 days from transplanting for strawberry seedlings to grow up.
Tukey test results at [alpha] 0.05 in Table 5 shows that tubers number per clump of 'lembah palu' shallot are higher in rice straw mulching and significantly different with no mulch and black plastic mulch at altitude of 450 m above sea level and without mulch significantly different for all mulch treatments at all altitudes, except at an altitude of 750 place without followed by mulch addition.
Planting beds were 0.71 m wide on top and 0.25 m high covered with 1.25 mil black plastic mulch (Intergro, Clearwater, Florida).
Black plastic mulch was proved effective for aster (Callistephus chinensis) with healthier vegetative growth, maximum flower production and petal pigmentation while minimum yield was obtained in control (Solaiman et al., 2008).
Drip irrigation tubes were placed on top of the beds and covered with 1.5-m-wide standard black plastic mulch. There were three such beds each year.
In conclusion, line spacing of 60 cm, the application of pendimethalin herbicide as pre-emergence, once manual weeding, and black plastic mulch proved to be the best integrated weed management strategy for enhancing the phenology of tomato crop.
Okro genotypes grown under black plastic mulch had the widest plant girth (20.25 mm) which was significantly different from plants grown under grass mulch (13.15 mm) and bare soil (12.98 mm) (Table 3).
At the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation's farm in Ardmore, Oklahoma, researchers have found that beds 40 inches wide or less are easiest to equip with black plastic mulch as well as row covers and other season-extension devices.
They're planted in black plastic mulch, which keeps the pumpkin off the ground and prevents them from being infected early on.
DuPont deNemours & Co., Wilmington, Delaware) through a trickle system under black plastic mulch in bell peppers for unsuccessful control of the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hiibner) using pressurized CO2 and spaghetti hose to inject the mixture directly into the drip lines.
Just before planting, lay drip lines or soaker hoses, then cover beds with black plastic mulch. Cut Xs through the plastic near each nozzle, then plant through the holes.