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B&TBank and Trust (various companies)
B&TBig and Tall
B&TBlack and Tan
B&TBridge and Tunnel
B&TBob and Tom (radio personalities)
B&TBacon and Tomato (sandwich)
B&TBig and Tasty (McDonald's sandwich)
B&TBurglary & Theft (law enforcement; also see B&E)
B&TBoneham & Turner Ltd (UK engineers)
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CONTROVERSY ZNike's Black and Tan trainers have outraged Irish Americans
Retail displays in stores across the US directly describe the shoes as "Black and Tans" although this is not the official name given by the shoe's manufacturer.
It has a black and tan ribbon and is emblazoned on one side with the image of a revolutionary soldier with a rifle slung over his soldier and the word Eire.
Of all of the villains in Irish history, few are as ideally emblematic as the Black and Tans. As British recruits brought in to reinforce the beleaguered Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) in 1920, their very presence symbolized the alien rule the Irish Republican Army (IRA) fought against, while their name quickly became synonymous with atrocities against the broader population.
To demonstrate this, Leeson adopts a wider focus than his title might indicate, one that encompasses not just the Black and Tans and the Auxiliaries, but the RIC as well.
When the Black and Tans raid the apartment, the pair are saved by Minnie Powell, an admirer of Davoren, who removes the case but is captured.
Black and Tans were ex-soldiers of the First World War, who volunteered for service in Ireland at good pay.
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