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IC3Internet Crime Complaint Center
IC3Internet and Computing Core Certification
IC3Integrated Command, Control, and Communications (US DoD)
IC3Inner Circle Clothing Company (est. 2006)
IC3Issachar Church Growth and Development Conference
IC3Black Person (UK police radio code)
IC3Interagency Complex Care Coordination (various organizations)
IC3InterCity 3 (Danish train)
IC3Interior Communications Electrician Third Class (naval rating)
IC3Internet Credit Card Collections (FMS US Deptartment of Treasury)
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In it, Chief Superintendent Adam Streets, the force's strategic lead for stop and search, states: "We recognise that there is still a disproportionality rate with a black person around 5.0 times more likely to be stopped than a white person.
Neeson said this month that he wanted to kill a black person in revenge years ago after a friend was raped by a black man, and went out several times hoping to get into a fight with a victim.
Now depending on how you want to spin this story, it's now about he was going to kill a black person."
No, Neeson wanted to find ANY black person who so much as looked at him the wrong way and kill them.
"This is what society has wrongly shown him, this is what the media has wrongly portrayed to him, so, in that moment - he said for a week - he was going around looking to 'kill a black person, or a black' and he did that in quotation marks.
In an interview published Monday, Neeson said that after being told the attacker was black, he "went up and down areas with a cosh (stick or truncheon)" hoping a black person "would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know?
In 94% of white victims, the main suspect was also white - in comparison, just 55% of black victims were thought to have been killed by another black person.
ROME: Mario Balotelli, Italy's most famous black footballer, said on Wednesday a politician who has become the first black person elected to the Senate should be ashamed of himself for representing a fiercely anti-migrant party.
While the Israeli state espouses multiculturalism and diversity, it oppresses not just the Palestinian population, but also any Black person within its borders.
A Georgia group scheduled a Thursday networking event called "Come Meet a Black Person," sparking both positive and negative reactions, the (http://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/gwinnett-organization-invites-white-people-come-meet-black-person/gIrfB9SKx9IqYlDT6BQU4M/) Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Monday.
If it's simply prejudice, you as a white persona and I as a black person could be prejudiced to the same degree.