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BLASBasic Linear Algebra Subprograms
BLASBasic Linear Algebra Subprogram
BLASBridge of Love Adoption Service (China)
BLASBelgian and Luxembourg Association of Singapore
BLASBois Ligature Alto Sax (music supply)
BLASBalanced Layered Allocation Scheme
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Blas, Calulot said, surrendered after 'realizing the sincerity of the peace-building efforts of 16th Infantry Battalion troop in the area.'
A message from the organisers said: "We apologise that we are unable to programme Blas at the normal time, but hope you will keep looking in for further announcements and stick with us when we do run the festival."
La historia de Gabriela Blas ha generado reacciones desde distintos ambitos, permitiendo instalar una reflexion necesaria respecto al modo en que las instituciones se vinculan con la otredad y construyen conocimiento que legitima ciertos discursos.
For a college dropout like Ka Blas to have served the country during successive administrations from Marcos to Arroyo, as labor minister, constitutional commissioner, senator, senate president and secretary of foreign affairs, while maintaining a weekly column for Panorama Magazine and Manila Bulletin, affirms the statesmanship that he possessed.
Aguinaldo, the guest of honor and speaker, rekindled Ka Blas's immeasurable contribution to the country especially in the labor and employment sectors and shared before thousands of Bulakenyos what the 'Father of Philippine Labor Code' has said that had inspired him.
Pese a la planificacion realizada en ambas instituciones No 80005 "Abraham Valdelomar" y No 80077 "Alcides Carreno Blas", con la redaccion de sus respectivos Proyectos Educativos Institucionales, Proyectos Curriculares y Planes Anuales de Trabajo, no se han alcanzado los resultados esperados.
En este trabajo Blas se lanza por fin a cantar en espanol.
La historia es breve: Ruy Blas, un plebeyo joven, pobre y de gran integridad moral se vuelve sirviente de un hombre poderoso que sufrio un ultraje a causa de la reina y ha jurado vengarse.
Alvarez, Gumahad and Blas were taken in Barangay Liang on April 29.
The hero of the novel, Gil Blas, is born in poverty to a chambermaid and a stable-hand but is educated by his uncle.
The Blas article includes a link to an enlightening blog entry by our Bi Champion, Jessie Atkinson (introduced by our excellent Chair of Enfys, the Cardiff University LGBT+ staff network, Karen Cooke).
One of Argentina's best-known footballers is called Blas Giunta, while the former drummer with American glam rock band Slaughter went by the name Blas Elias.