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BLEABasic Law Enforcement Academy
BLEABureau of Local Education Administration (Thailand)
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Otras betalactamasas encontradas en Abc incluyen las BLEA, TEM-1 y SHV-1 y las BLEE TEM, SHV o CTX-M derivadas, asi como las BLEE PER-1 y VEB-1 (50) que suman su accion a la de la cefalosporinasa cromosomica, por lo que la casi totalidad de estos aislados (> 80%) son resistentes a las aminopenicilinas, piperacilinatazobactam, ticarcilina-clavulanato, cefalosporinas de primera a cuarta generacion y los monobactames.
3-107 No BLEE - - - 4-545 BLEA + - - 4-788 BLEE + + - 4-827 BLEE + + - 4-1228 BLEA + - - 4-2273 BLEA + - - 4-3787 BLEE?
The earlier classic books or essays by Marta Cotera, Irene Blea, and Adelaida del Castillo in the 1970s, followed by Alma Garcia, Ines Hernandez, Norma Alarcon, and Emma Perez in the 1980s, were evidence of a field beginning to show diverse perspectives.
She shares with Naturalist writers the blea k vision of a life without any intrinsic or spiritual meaning.
According to the guidelines established by the Spanish Colonial Arts Society, Daniel Blea was denied participation in Spanish Market because of his imagery: he incorporated devils into his retablos.
7) Although the women have not overtly challenged issues of race, class, and gender, their narratives reveal that they want to, according to Blea, "participate in the on-going social structure, not destroy it and replace it with a new structure" and, at the same time, empower themselves and their children.
The same holds true for their needs (see Blea, 1992; Gaw, 1993).
For postmortem care, the tool tells users to "follow principles of standard precautions" and to "disinfect surfaces with blea ch/water solution of 1:9 (10 percent solution).
If, on the other hand, the country rejects PR, the future will look blea k for the Lib Dems.
OED records the obsolete (excepting dialectal usage) blea 'To bleat as a lamb or kid' (and 'Prob[ably] imitative of the sound'; s.