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BETECHBernische Genossenschaft für Technologievermittlung (Bern, Switzerland)
BETECHBachelor of Engineering Technology
BETECHBleeding Edge TECHnology
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"Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand: So the task for 2011 is not to look into the dim future of bleeding edge technology, but to look around to your peers and see what they did last year that you can do this year.
Wolseley head of sustainability Tim Pollard said: "We are trying to deliver practical and sustainable solutions that are available today - it's not about bleeding edge technology but about practical products."
And yet, when applied to the mundane, everyday tasks of running a high tech electronics business, dealing with and driving the kind of rapid change that cutting and bleeding edge technology implies, something odd happens.
On the downside, bleeding edge technology can lead to failure, bad publicity, ill feelings, ruined careers, and wasted resources that could have been better used elsewhere.
In addition to the impressive array of bleeding edge technology, Winnefeld said that the experiment brought together an extraordinary group of scientists, analysts and military operators.
Its opposite is a "bleeding edge technology" -- technology that is so far ahead of the cutting edge of consumer acceptance that the project hemorrhages money and resources in an unstaunchable flow.
They were the groundbreakers in what might be described as 'Bleeding edge technology'.