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BLISSBass Level Isolating Soft Silicon (music)
BLISSBlind Source Separation
BLISSBilkent Library Information Services System
BLISSBagong Lipunan Improvement of Sites and Services (Philippines)
BLISSBio-Inspired Learning and Intelligent Systems for Security (symposium)
BLISSBroadband Local Integrated Services Solution (Cisco)
BLISSBehavioral Lightweight Intelligence for Stressed Systems (Ziften Technologies)
BLISSBody-based pleasure, Laughter, Involvement, Satisfaction and Sex
BLISSBasic Language for Implementing System Software (DEC PDP-10)
BLISSBeamline Instrument Software Support
BLISSBalloon-Borne Laser In-Situ Sensor
BLISSBoundary Layer Infrared Suppression System
BLISSBase Level Integrated Support System
BLISSBlend, Low Silhouette, Irregular Shape, Small, Secluded Location (military shelter site selection)