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BWTBurrows Wheeler Transform (compression technology)
BWTBallast Water Treatment
BWTBody Weight
BWTBlind Write
BWTBurrows Wheeler Transform
BWTBest Water Technology (various locations)
BWTBirth Weight
BWTBonded Warehouse Transaction (trade)
BWTBoys with Toys (band)
BWTBoundary Waters Treaty (United States and Canada)
BWTBasic Warrior Training
BWTBallast Water Tank (maritime engineering)
BWTBorder Wait Time
BWTBronchial Wall Thickness
BWTBinary Wavelet Transform
BWTBlock Wavelet Transform
BWTBig White Truck
BWTBi-orthogonal Wavelet Transform
BWTBauchweg Training (Switzerland)
BWTBlack Water Tank
BWTBurst Waiting Time
BWTBroadcast Warning T
BWTBiological Weapons Testing (Laboratories, Inc)
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A device that helps the blind write Braille as easily as they can read it.
In her November 1872 Athenaeum review of William Morris' Love Is Enough, Blind writes that Morris' poem "transports us for the time into a land of mingled romance and faerie," but denies that such poetry is escapist:
In her preface to The Heather on Fire, Blind writes that "the progress of civilisation...