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One was so blinded by the light that he came straight for me, and I felt his bones grind under the blow of my fist.
he cried, softly, himself blinded by the light he carried; and he advanced a couple of steps towards Belville.
The installation of this video in the room next to the one containing Blinded by the Light emphasizes the links between 1970, 1991, and the present.
With Blinded By The Light, it was funny because Manfred said he phoned Springsteen and he was still in bed.
Then he closed the door - left me blinded by the light.
No surprises on the setlist, which runs from Blinded By The Light to Long Walk Home, taking in Born In The USA, Thunder Road, The River, Born To Run, Dancing In The Dark and so on.
After a surprise curtain-raiser, Blinded by the Light, he reacquainted us with the likes of John Henry, Jesse James, Old Dan Tucker, Mrs McGrath and her unfortunate son Ted.
Plus chart hits Blinded By The Light, For You and Davy's On The Road Again .
Entering the gallery, the viewer was blinded by the light reflected from a wall covered in silver fabric and embroidered with threads of the same color.
Both Lucky If You Can Breathe and Somebody Poisoned The Well particularly nod to the Boss's Jer- sey jaunts, the latter a close cousin of Blinded By The Light with
Several thousand were blinded by the light of the explosion.
It's getting to the stage where you can't open a local paper without being blinded by the light from dozens of shining bald pates.