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BLITSBall Lens in the Space (satellite; various locations)
BLITSBase Level Information Transmission System
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The results of Blits and Gallagher (1990) and Kerkeb et al.
Teams looking at the event had to work backwards to review archival satellite data and determine what piece of space debris could be large enough to cause a change in orbit in the BLITS satellite.
Professor Blits joked that if anyone at ResLife were fired, they'd be quickly hired and promoted at Brown.
Blits (political science and international relations, U.
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NAS JRB) Fort Worth completed implementation of the Base Level Item Tracking System (BLITS) Version 3 on May 19, 2006.
Blits, "Privacy and Public Moral Education: Aristotle's Critique of the Family," Educational Theory 35 (1985): 236.
Kremer's interpretive essay is also a grateful response to essays written by Roochnik, Orwin, and Blits. He credits them with renewing meaningful interest in the Cleitophon, and their inclusion allows the reader to witness an academic conversation at a very high level.
Well, they do not go to Europe anymore, and that idea can be found in blitztrip too: blits, a homonym of blitz, means 'fashionable.'
Suzuki came up with Suzuki Smash and Kawasaki with Kawasaki Blits also in competitive prices.
As die indoenas weer gaan veg, die bulte lewe van hul wilde dans, die skilde kletter en asgaaie blits hoog in die son dan slaap jy nog, dan slaap jy diep, jou vere wyd verstrooi deur son en rein, jou lyf wat sag geglim het net soos koper, dan weg, en jy?