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Bestselling novelist Tom Clancy, best known for his intricate, compelling and plausible thrillers such as The Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games as well as for blockbuster video game franchises including Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell, has died at the age of 66.
The new yoga studio concept has taken 2,360 s/f on the ground floor, which was previously occupied by Blockbuster Video, and an additional 1,800 s/f of lower level space.
What disturbs me but seems to be accepted as status quo is that unrated or NC-17 films cannot get into shopping mall multiplexes or Blockbuster video stores.
NEXT time you're threatened with a county court judgement over a lost Blockbuster video, try this for an excuse: "It got lost in the post.
A Blockbuster video rental store in Orange City, Florida, was robbed in January by two thugs who, among other things, dragged one of the employees around by his ponytail.
He studiously ignores anything beyond the confines of your average Blockbuster video store: there are barely cursory nods to Sam Raimi and John Woo, but nothing on the host of Asian films that have raised the cinematic ante of both blood and artistry.
Blockbuster Video and the Nickelodeon network are joining to back the Nintendo 64 game system's debut with a $20 million rental and instant-win game promotion.
Holden says that NDI, which also owns and operates 23 Blockbuster Video stores, has the talent, the track record and the capital to make its restaurants succeed.
He's the millionaire owner of Blockbuster Video and the Florida sports teams named for local wildlife.
Further evidence of The Great Digital Convergence: Blockbuster Video has decided it likes the software business.
Now his base is the nationwide chain of Blockbuster Video stores (1992 revenues: $1.