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Also, the blood glucose value is used to calculate the dose of insulin using a sliding scale or predetermined dosing regimen.
In the fed state, bezafibrate treatment had no major impact on the elevated plasma T-Chol values but abolished the rise in NEFA and blood glucose values and attenuated the elevation in plasma insulin values induced by GC treatment (Figures 3(g)-3(j)) (n = 7-12, p <0.05).
The blood glucose levels of diabetic animals of this group were recorded at around 9 am before the administration of the test drug Morus alba 600 mg/kg body weight suspended in normal saline; this value was considered as blood glucose value of 0 day.
The preoperative mean of blood glucose values was 4.6[+ or -]1.9 mmol/l and it rose to 6.8[+ or -]1.5 mmol/l after CPB started.
If the blood glucose value is 140 mg/dL or greater, the woman should be evaluated further.
(iv) Hyperglycemia index [23] is the average of hyperglycemic values; if blood glucose value is higher than a given threshold, the formula for the index is Hyper_index = [([Gluc.sub.n] - ULTR).sup.1.1]/30, with [Gluc.sub.n] and threshold, ULTR (upper limit of target range), in mg/dL (typically, ULTR = 7.8 mmol/L).
In groups 1 and 2, the mean baseline random blood glucose value was found to be 241.8+-5.73 and 241.7+-6.82 respectively (p=0.96).
As hospitals comprise the largest proportion of total health care expenditures (43%) related to diabetes care, the current findings--particularly the finding that 12% of subjects had at least one blood glucose value greater than 400 mg/dL--suggest that putting systems of care in place to rapidly identify and improve glucose control might lead to shorter lengths of stay and lower cost, she concluded.
Yet the issue of glycemic control remains a controversial topic8-12 and physicians want to know what are the risk associate with hypoglycemia, what is the optimal target of blood glucose value, what is the standard monitoring and should all subgroup of patie nts treated with intensive insulin therapy.
Major Finding: Final blood glucose value achieved was 274 mg/dL, with an average time to achieving less than 300 mg/dL of 2.35 hours.