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The first option in the main menu is the blood inventory. That display the amount of each blood type also the amount of the palates.
According to the company, the BloodTrack is a remote inventory and bedside transfusion management solution, acts as an extension of hospitals' blood bank information systems and helps hospitals to improve efficiencies, reduce clinical and blood bank workload, decrease blood inventory and ensure compliance with regulations.
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Eliminating the risk for ABO-incompatible transfusion errors and simplifying logistics by creating a universal blood inventory is a challenging idea.
StemCyte is the only private company contracted by the Federal Government to establish a National Cord Blood Inventory.
"I can say we attribute the 17 percent increase (in optimal blood inventory) specifically to this package," she said.
The program, Safe-Trace from Global Med Technologies, Lakewood, CO, is being used by hospitals to access, via the Internet, a central database of blood inventory from hospitals and donor centers around the country....
The Lane Blood Center said Thursday that a "significant increase in blood usage at our local hospitals has reduced available O positive blood inventory levels by 91 units in the last 48 hours."
StemCyte was one of the original cord blood banks to be contracted by the US Government to help build the National Cord Blood Inventory.
Since we routinely maintain a large in-house blood inventory, we do not require that the blood order actually be placed at the time of the preoperative clinic visit.