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Silicon Knights is the developer of such popular games as Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, and Too Human.
RATING: 8/10 Mob ruleLegacy of Kain: Defiance (Eidos,Xbox, pounds 39.99)FEW games other than the Blood Omen series have allowed you to settle comfortably into the world of vampire lore.
Game review Blood Omen 2 (PlayStation2, pounds 39.99)
BLOOD OMEN II (PS2) IT'S rare that you get to play the bad guy in computer games - so it's unfortunate that the game is run-of-the-mill.
The new Blood Omen 2, on the other hand, returns to the 1996 game's storyline and takes place before Soul Reaver.
Lovers of the cult classic Blood Omen won't even recognise this as a follow-up, because out goes the 2D overhead perspective of the original and in comes a 3D vampire adventure to really sink your teeth into.
Blood Omen: Mr F Whittingham, Mulberry Rd, Stoke Heath; Mrs D Loxley, Eastcotes, Tile Hill; A Scott, Shottery Cl, Mount Nod; Mr M Betts, Thurlestone Rd, Coundon; Mrs C Mcdowell, Forbisher Cl, Devon; C Bingham, Lammas Drive, Sittingboure; V Meakin, Shipston Rd, Northfield; Peter Lucas, Beaumont Cres, Coundon; Mrs L Weatherhead, Bordon Place, Stratford; Matthew Hall, Ashwood Rd, Nuneaton.
Nevertheless, Blood Omen 2 on PS2 puts you in control of Kain, a character publishers Eidos proudly proclaim as the most evil figure ever to darken a videogame.
A follow- up to the cult classic Blood Omen, it has taken more than two years to program, and bosses at Crystal Dynamics are confident it will make $100 million.
Blood Omen 2, Eidos Interactive, X-Box, out now, pounds 39.99 (also available on PS1 and PS2 at pounds 29.99)
Get caught up in murder and vengeance in the highly-acclaimed role-playing game, Blood Omen: The Legacy Of Kain.