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10-59Blood Run (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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Ruby Gillis told me coming home that the way I said the line, `Now for my father's arm,' she said, `my woman's heart farewell,' just made her blood run cold."
I know I won't be able to make your blood run cold."
Lynde says it made HER blood run cold to see the boys climbing to the very tops of those big trees on Bell's hill after crows' nests last Friday," said Marilla.
"Why didn't you have your courses hauled up at once, then?" he asked in a tone that ought to have made my blood run cold.
It made his blood run cold when he began to think of all these details.
Ned Land had a way of saying "seize" which made my blood run cold.
Then he roused me up, and I took my turn of three hours; before the end of which it was broad day, and a very quiet morning, with a smooth, rolling sea that tossed the ship and made the blood run to and fro on the round-house floor, and a heavy rain that drummed upon the roof.
What, you have forgot, I suppose, when you beat me into a fit, and made the blood run down my forehead, because I only civilly taxed you with adultery!
You, yourself, have aged, though not as much as most men in a corresponding number of years, which may be accounted for by the fact that the same blood runs in our veins; but I have not aged at all.
And so she did bleed him, but the vein she opened was not one of those that lie close and blue beneath the skin; deeper she cut than that, for she opened one of those veins through which the bright red blood runs leaping from the heart.
"If anything cuts me," he replied, "the blood runs out to show where I am cut.
AS if we are not traumatised enough from the BBC's 9/11 drama, this week saw the arrival of another "untold true story" that made my blood run cold.