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Nevertheless blood creatinine concentration along with blood urea concentration have historically been used as first-line tests to diagnose and monitor kidney disease (2).
(10) found that in patients with far-advanced renal failure, blood urea concentrations of less than 50 mM [blood urea nitrogen (BUN) of 140 mg/dL] were well tolerated when blood urea concentration was maintained by adding urea to the dialysate solution and 30 years later, the Hemodialysis (HEMO) study showed that increasing the urea reduction rate from 66% to 75% did not alter survival in patients with an increased dialysis dose (11).
In addition, slow-release urea sources exhibited lower (p = 0.04) blood urea concentration compared to feed grade urea.
Immobilized urease is used in as determination of blood urea concentration and quantitative determination of urea in pathological conditions [6].
Moreover, the urea concentration reflects the changes in protein metabolism (Hammond, 1998) and other studies have also reported a rise in blood urea concentration during growth (Abdel-Ghani et al., 2011).
Out of 100 patients of acute haemorrhagic stroke at the time of presentation 74 patients (74%) had blood urea concentration more than 6.8mmol/L.
Harmeyer and Martens (1980) surveyed the metabolism of urea in small ruminants and noticed that the blood urea concentration is directly related to the amount of protein and energy: protein ratio of the diet.
Higher blood urea concentration with individual level upto 101 mg/dl in infected animal during study lend support to the work of above authors.
We conclude that the self-selected regimen of RBML impairs muscle performance in 3-min intermittent intensity exercise and induces an increase in blood urea concentration in experienced male combat sports athletes.
Table 1 Formulae for Calculating Delivered Kt/V Author Formula Lowrie formula Kt/V = ln(c1/c2) Keshaviah formula Kt/V = 1.162 x ln(c1/c2) Daugirdas formula Kt/V = -ln(c2/c1 - 0.008 x T) + (4 - 3.5 x c2/c1) x UF/W Barth formula Kt/V = 0.031 x [(c1 - c2/c1 x 100] - 0.66 Basile formula Kt/V = 0.023 x [(c1 - c2)/c1 x 100] - 0.284 Jindal formula Kt/V = 0.04 x [(c1 - c2)/c1 x 100] - 1.2 Kerr formula Kt/V = 0.042 x [(c1 - c2)/c1 x 100] - 1.48 c1 = predialysis blood urea concentration c2 = postdialysis blood urea concentration t = dialysis duration (hours) UF = ultrafiltration volume per dialysis (L) w = postdialysis body mass of the patient (kg) Source: Kovacic et al., 2003.
Blood urea concentration in relation to protein utilization in the ruminant.
Blood urea concentration can be inversely related to the efficiency of nitrogen utilization (Nonaka et al., 2008) and its reduction is generally associated with an increase in the efficiency of nitrogen utilisation (Butler et al., 1996).