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BCxBlood Culture
BCxBeloreck (Russia)
BCxBacillus Circulans Xylanase (protein)
BCxBusiness Card Exchange (business networking)
BCxBusiness Currency Exchange (Extranet subscription service)
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Blood culture was performed by BACTEC method, collecting 5 cc venous blood and diluting it 4 times under normal circumstances and 10 times if treated with antibiotics and then injecting into a bulb containing 20-30 cc of 5% bile broth.
Only positive blood culture bottles with positive Gram stain were analysed by FA-BCID.
During the first 6 months of the surveillance program, CDPHE observed that approximately one in 10 cases of candidemia occurred in patients who had a documented history of IDU, and the majority of their Candida-positive blood cultures were collected on the day of hospital admission or shortly thereafter.
Independent sample t-test was applied to find out the difference among blood culture and study parameters like I/T ratio, age, weight and WBCs.
Blood culture remains the gold standard for the diagnosis of typhoid fever.
Optimal testing parameters for blood cultures. Clin Infect Dis.
(5) indicated that the blood culture bottles that were pre-incubated at 37[degrees]C during the night ensure earlier final reports.
Antibiotic susceptibility was evaluated in each of the blood culture samples, thus, the cost of materials both for kit and antibiotic susceptibility was 12$ per culture.
Naheed et al., "Improving the sensitivity of blood culture for Streptococcus pneumoniae," Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, vol.
Key words: Neonatal sepsis, blood culture, PCR, CRP.
CoNS are common blood culture contaminants of which only about 20% are considered true opportunistic pathogens [4].
A blood culture was prepared, and the patient was given antimicrobial drugs and vasoactive support.