BLSEBêta-Lactamases a Spectre Élargi (French: Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamases; microbiology)
BLSEBanja Luka Stock Exchange
BLSEBattle Lab Support Element
BLSEBaltic Logistic System Eesti (Estonian: Baltic Logistic System Estonia)
BLSEBasic Life Skills Education (Secondary Education for Seniors; Suriname)
BLSEBasal Layer of Skin Epithelium
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In furtherance of our mission, the BLSE administers the board certification program, which certifies lawyers who have practiced law for at least five years and have met the other requirements established by the Florida Supreme Court.
Members of the public may feel confident that when they speak with a board certified lawyer, they are speaking with an expert in the field," said Jack Pelzer, 2013-15 BLSE Chair.
In pursuant of that mission, the BLSE oversees the award of board certification, evaluates and credits continuing legal education, and ensures all Florida Bar members comply with the educational requirements established by the Supreme Court of Florida.
On a related issue, the Bar Board of Governors on January 29 approved the recommendation of the Program Evaluation Committee and the BLSE for a board certification area in International Law and Arbitration.
The committee continued to work with exam consultant Karen Barbieri, and the exam specifications were revised to comply with new BLSE scoring requirements and to incorporate recommended changes in question structure.
I am particularly proud of two accomplishments by the BLSE this year.
Subdivision (6) is amended to clarify that the applicant must immediately report instances of a lawyer's denial of recertification or revocation to the BLSE.
For all who have served on the certification committees and the BLSE, the long road to this ruling ended in a clear victory for a program whose central objective is to encourage all lawyers to strive for higher levels of competence and professionalism and which provides a thorough and objective process for identifying those lawyers who have attained those levels.
04; reduces from 120 days to 60 days as the time period by which the BLSE must act on the recommendation of the subcommittee and establishes a 20 day time period for notification to the applicant;
The BLSE is charged with oversight of four comprehensive Bar programs essential to preserving and enhancing the quality of legal services provided by Florida Bar members.
Related to that, board member Steve Eschner, chair of the board's Certification Plan Appeals Committee, said his panel is participating in the PEC subcommittee review and has proposed that CPAC, in addition to handling appeals for certification and recertification, should also review BLSE rules and policies.
In addition, I would like to single out Robert Feldman, who has been a longtime aviation law advocate, and who, as a member of the Board of Legal Specialization and Education, was extremely helpful in helping the BLSE understand the conundrum of defining aviation law and, in turn, helping us understand the concerns and issues of BLSE to better assist the public in knowing what it means to be a certified aviation law attorney.