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BEDBend (Amtrak station code; Bend, OR)
BEDBusiness Education (academics)
BEDBachelor of Education
BEDBinge Eating Disorder
BEDBlue-Eyed Devil
BEDBediende (Dutch)
BEDBasic Education Development (various locations)
BEDBusiness and Economic Development
BEDBasic Education Division (various locations)
BEDBus Extension Driver
BEDBack End Data
BEDBiological Engineering Division
BEDBioengineering Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
BEDBoard of Economic Development (Luxembourg)
BEDBasic Engineering Design
BEDBachelor of Environmental Design
BEDBiological Effective Dose (radiotherapy)
BEDBest Effort Delivery
BEDBeverage Entertainment Dining (restaurant, Miami Beach)
BEDBoron Enhanced Diffusion
BEDBoiler Efficiency Directive
BEDBois Expo Distribution (French: Wood Distribution Expo; various locations)
BEDBedford, MA, USA - Bedford (Airport Code)
BEDBornholm Eye Disease
BEDBureau of Energy Development
BEDBattlefield Environment Directorate (US Army)
BEDBuilding Emergency Director
BEDBulk Encryption Device
BEDBit Error Detector
BEDBase-Emitter Diffusion
BEDBase Enrollment Date
BEDBasic Electronics Division
BEDBus Error Destination
BEDBasic Electronic Development
BEDBlock Error Detector/Detection
BEDBanc d'Essai et de Diagnostic des Tracteurs (French: Tractor Bench Testing and Diagnosis; project)
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Blue-Eyed Devil follows the success of Sugar Daddy and continues the fortunes of the Travis family.
"I'd like for it to be like one of those You Are Here stickers you see on maps at an amusement park," she says of Blue-eyed Devil. "It's a map of white supremacist racism, and my intention is that any reader from any racial experience will be able to see themselves in there somewhere."
Malcolm, before his conversion from the Black Muslims to a more traditional sect of Islam, regarded all whites as "blue-eyed devils" bent on the destruction of African Americans.
Farrakhan, 68, based in Chicago, has described whites as "blue-eyed devils", Jews as "bloodsuckers" and Hitler as "a great man".
Farrakhan has been banned by successive Home Secretaries since 1986 for describing whites as "blue-eyed devils", Jews as "bloodsuckers" and Hitler as "a great man".
But with Louis Farrakhan's takeover of that part of the Black Muslims that did not follow Elijah Muhammad's son, Wahlid, into this more open path that Malcolm had started to blaze, the "blue-eyed devils" gradually became more specifically identified as the "bloodsucking Jews," the class of merchants that did business in the black ghetto from the 1920s through the 1950s before turning over the reigns of easy gains to successor groups like the Arabs and the Koreans (Rowan, 63, 68).
Its popularity has spawned the birth of groups in the United States, with names like "Plunder and Pillage," "Bound for Glory," and " Blue-Eyed Devils."
The historical analogy to European anti- Semitism makes no sense in a democracy whose minuscule neo-Nazi movement has craved the oxygen of publicity more than the exercise of power, and whose own racist ideology has been so incoherent that Duke's role model, George Lincoln Rockwell, was assassinated in 1967 by a disgruntled follower who raged against "blue-eyed devils."