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EDSLBlumberg (airport code; Germany)
EDSLEastern District Soccer League (Yonkers, NY)
EDSLEthernet Digital Subscriber Line
EDSLEmbedded Domain-Specific Language
EDSLEnvironmental Design Solutions, Ltd. (UK)
EDSLExtended Digital Subscriber Line
EDSLEmerging Digital Subscriber Line
EDSLEasy Digital Subscriber Line
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Blumberg has appointed a committee to study rules for a mediation process, and a pilot program is being organized.
Kappeler, Mark Blumberg, and Gary Potter's third edition of The Mythology of Crime and Criminal Justice questions the many widespread beliefs of deviance, crime, and criminal justice in the United States.
Radebe's agent Gary Blumberg has insisted his client will meet O'Leary again this week - but it seems that he is intent on playing for South Africa next weekend.
Seeded fifth for the five-day tournament, which was played at Yale, Beddoes met Canadian second seed Jennifer Blumberg in the final and- heavily beaten by her 12 months ago at the British Open - demonstrated how much she has developed in the past year by demolishing her opponent 9-1, 9-1 in the last two games to clinch a 3-2 win.
Blumberg seems to have taken a topic that we all know about and analysed it to a level that we would not have thought to do.
Turn back the clock: Blumberg, whose wife, Kate, is an artist, spends much of his spare time perfecting yet another art: turn-of-the-century glasswork.
Blumberg has done a tremendous service for young readers by calling attention to the significance of the life of York and to the contradictions within a culture that could that could compel such a vital effort, and then so easily overlook its significance.
In his initial report, Blumberg said Malvo, who was 17 at the time of the shootings, was 'severely impaired' in his ability to tell right from wrong.
Blumberg glued down the weighty material using marine adhesive and installed florescent lights under the top portion of the vanity.
York's Adventure with Lewis and Clark: An African-American's Part in the Great Expedition by Rhonda Blumberg HarperCollins, December 2003 $17.99, ISBN 0-060-09111-8
Blumberg responded that religious identity is essential to understanding ourselves.
Having ruled out all the occupations in which being gay was seen as a liability, Blumberg became a venture capitalist.