BmNPVB. (Bombyx) mori Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus
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To clarify the relationship between BmARM-like and BmNPV, the expression patterns of BmARM-like mRNA in the midgut and hemolymph of different resistant silkworm strains were analyzed using RT-qPCR before and after BmNPV infection (Fig.
Expression pattern of BmARM-like protein in the midgut of different silkworm strains following BmNPV infection
Western blot was used to further investigate the expression patterns of BmARM-like protein in the midguts of three different silkworm strains following BmNPV infection.
In this study, relatively high expression level of BmARM-like were observed in the midgut of BC9 (near-isogenic line) following BmNPV infection as compared to P50 (susceptible strain), which was also further validated in A35 (resistant strain).
These results indicated that BmARM-like was potentially involved in activating the silkworm immune response in an attempt to repress BmNPV infection.
Comparative transcriptome analysis of Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera) larval midgut response to BmNPV in susceptible and near-isogenic resistant strains.
2008) tambien sugirieron dicho fenomeno, al determinar que 15 de 136 proteinas de BmNPV (11%) son significativamente similares a proteinas del insecto B.
1994) sequenced and analyzed a functionally active BmNPV cysteine protease gene whose deduced sequence of amino acids has significant homology to those of the papain family of cysteine proteases.
Eight zones of esterase activity were observed in the silk glands of both healthy larvae and infected with BmNPV (Figure 2).
EST-1 and EST-2 were not detected in 5th instar larvae after infection with BmNPV (Figure 2).
After the BmNPV infection, the cellular metabolism of B.
Liu and Bilimoria (1997) have studied the infection with BmNPV in Spodoptera frugiperda.