BmNPVB. (Bombyx) mori Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus
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Pattern of BmARM-like expression in different resistant silkworm strains following BmNPV infection
To clarify the relationship between BmARM-like and BmNPV, the expression patterns of BmARM-like mRNA in the midgut and hemolymph of different resistant silkworm strains were analyzed using RT-qPCR before and after BmNPV infection (Fig.
Expression pattern of BmARM-like protein in the midgut of different silkworm strains following BmNPV infection
Western blot was used to further investigate the expression patterns of BmARM-like protein in the midguts of three different silkworm strains following BmNPV infection.
In this study, relatively high expression level of BmARM-like were observed in the midgut of BC9 (near-isogenic line) following BmNPV infection as compared to P50 (susceptible strain), which was also further validated in A35 (resistant strain).
El gen que la codifica fue el primero en asociarse con el rango de hospederos de los baculovirus, cuando el BmNPV y el AcNPV fueron usados para coinfectar celulas TN368 y Sf21, las cuales soportan la replicacion del AcNPV pero no del BmNPV.
Es uno de los tres genes lef que estan en el genoma del AcNPV pero no en el de BmNPV, por lo cual se presume que esta involucrado con el rango de hospederos.
(2008) tambien sugirieron dicho fenomeno, al determinar que 15 de 136 proteinas de BmNPV (11%) son significativamente similares a proteinas del insecto B.
The authors demonstrated that hycu-ep32 gene encoded by the HycuNPV genome is involved in restricted BmNPV multiplication in BmN-4 cells.
Healthy and infected with nucleopolyhedrovirus (BmNPV) B.
Ten silkworms (5th instar) infected with BmNPV (collected from Alto Piquiri, Parana State) were sacrificed, homogenized and spread on the mulberry leaves that fed the 150 healthy larvae in a period of 3 to 4 days.
(1994) sequenced and analyzed a functionally active BmNPV cysteine protease gene whose deduced sequence of amino acids has significant homology to those of the papain family of cysteine proteases.