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BNWBrave New World (Aldous Huxley novel)
BNWBlack and White
BNWBrave New World (Iron Maiden album)
BNWBiafra Nigeria World (magazine)
BNWBildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft (German: Educational Institute of Lower Saxony's Economy; Lower Saxony, Germany)
BNWBattlefield Nuclear Warfare
BNWBattlefield Nuclear Weapons
BNWBattalion Nuclear Warfare
BNWBolt, Nut and Washer
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Everything being artificial, everything belongs to the economic realm: "a love of nature keeps no factory busy" (BNW 19).
Using this year's BNW theme, the ideals of American democracy, the children are able to create their educational visions by learning how to build steps and sequences to achieve their goals.
Two populations from which 4th instar nymphs had been identified as BNW were discovered to be mixed populations.
Smith's rhetorical choices in this passage typify how many allusions to BNW depend on facile associations between the novel and the future uses of biotech.
In particular, the assumption of deterministic trends used in the BNW model and all earlier empirical continuous time models to represent technical progress is replaced by an assumption that the trends are unobservable and stochastic but have deterministic drift.
(4) Huxley wrote in a brand-new one-line paragraph: "'Ford, how I hate them!' Bernard Marx was thinking." His inner fury is directed against Foster and the Assistant Predestinator, whom he overhears discussing Lenina's "pneumatic" charms as if she were "so much meat" (BNW 62), but thanks to a nicely ambiguous autograph insertion, Bernard also seems to be railing against Ford Day and Community Sings, perhaps abjuring the World State.
One of Mond's biologists puts forth the theory that "the purpose of life was not the maintenance of well being [that is, good health, good things] but some intensification and refining of consciousness" (BNW 209).
BNW Systems has introduced the improved versions 1.01c of imPRESSion Lite and imPRESSion.
A long series of conveyors are used at this point to feed the baked goods to one of five wrapping lines that were supplied by BNW Bakery Services.
Amidst all the rhetorical flourishes of the debate over the next three years, one could find references being made to Aldous Huxley's 1932 classic Brave New World (BNW) regarding these biotechnologies.
Business North Wales spokesman Malcolm James said the survey confirmed BNW's view that there was an urgent need to increase GDP in Wales in order to stem outward migration of newly-qualified young people to better paid jobs in centre hubs such as Liverpool, Manchester and London.
Its position has been strengthened by financial funding from companies including Corus and Airbus, in the private sector, and, in the public sector, the award of contracts by ELWa, for help with consultation with local companies on training needs, and the WDA, for surveys of opinion of BNW members to be used as a basis of discussions between the two groups.