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ter Bogt, H.J., van Helden, G.J., & van der Kolk, B.
Doornwaard, S.M., Bickham, D.S., Rich, M., ter Bogt, T.F., & van den Eijnden, R.J.
Socioeconomic status, parental marital status, physical maturity, anxiety/depression, withdrawal, and general internalizing symptoms have been linked to family relationship quality, body image, and adolescent glycemie control (e.g., Maharaj, Daneman, Olmsted, & Rodin, 2004; Ter Bogt et al., 2006), so we test each as a control in our analyses.
In conclusion, since a majority of adolescents commit typical criminal acts (DeLisi & Piquero, 2011; Moffitt, 2006), a criminal act in and of its self does not equal to a delinquent adolescent (Bogt, Boniel-Nissim, Kolobov, Kuntsche, Harel-Fisch, & Walsh, 2013).
Le constat est que les parlementaires demontrent peu d'interet pour l'information de performance; il en est de meme pour les elus locaux neerlandais (ter Bogt 2007).
Bogt th tw His side got the start they wanted when Craig Conway drilled in a cross and Rhodes tapped home his 12th goal of the season.
Estudos a respeito do processamento musical de forma mais global podem ser encontrados, como os de Engels, Poelen, Spijkerman, e Ter Bogt (2012), e de Kornreich et al.
The youth had a belief that they can resist their elders (Bogt et al, 2001).
(249.) See, e.g., Tom Ter Bogt et al., Economic and Cultural Correlates of Cannabis Use Among Mid-adolescents in 31 Countries, 101 Addiction 241 (2006) (finding that marijuana use is a normative behavior for teens across North America).