BoGTBoard of Geography Teachers (New Zealand)
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Les elus utilisent l'information de performance plus souvent dans certains secteurs que dans d'autres (Ter Bogt 2007; Askim 2007).
Dr Tom ter Bogt from Utrecht University, Holland, who headed the study, said that music is the medium that separates mainstream youth from young people who may more easily adopt norm-breaking behaviours.
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Differents chercheurs ont propose des classifications pour les preferences musicales (Rentfrow et Gosling, 2003 ; Delsing Bogt et al.
Selfhout, Delsing, ter Bogt, and Meeus (2008) found that a preference for hip-hop predicted the prospective externalizing of problems among youth.
ter Bogt TFM, Saskia AFM, van Dorsselaer MA, et al.
Zwaan, ter Bogt, and Raaijmakers categorized the career trajectories of
The investigation of the processes that affect accounting choices in public sector organisations is considered as a way to better understand the reason for this gap (Ter Bogt 2008) hence rational and institutional theoretical approaches have been often used (Lapsley and Pallot 2000).
In recent years a significant issue in public sector management literature has been that of understanding why not seldom the New Public Financial Management--NPFM--reforms have led to unintended as well as unexpected consequences (Guthrie, 1998; Newberry, 2002; Christiaens and Rommel, 2008; Lapsley; 2009) and to management changes which are rather formal than substantial (Olson, Guthrie and Humphrey, 1998; Ter Bogt and Van Helden, 2000).
In these public entities, politicians are interested in the implementation of strategic planning and in long-term policies to manage the municipality (Ter Bogt, 2001).
Some of the new additions to BOGT are great fun especially the parachutes, landing on moving vehicles and the base-jump challenges.
Whereas the parent-child bond has been studied extensively in children and adolescents, its nature and course in late adolescence and young adulthood have received less empirical attention (Arnett, 2000; Hagestad, 1987; Van Wel, Ter Bogt, & Raaijmakers, 2002).